Columbia University's DKA Mu Chapter holds recruitment each semester.


Because the cinematic arts encompass a broad range of interests and skills, DKA accepts members of all majors and undergraduate colleges at Columbia University. We thrive on the hard work of members with diverse talents and strengths and strongly encourage any undergraduate student who loves cinema to rush DKA.


As a professional society, DKA is made up of students and alumni that collaboratively focus on strengthening personal character and professionally developing their careers in the cinematic arts.  Students come together because they share similar ambitions, personal values, and create lifelong community through the learning and practice of the cinematic arts. Along with some of the benefits of sharing elements of a fraternity structure, a professional fraternity offers additional advantages, placing an emphasis on networking and educational experiences. We exist to share our passion for cinema while teaching and learning from each other, giving members a diverse network of people to interact with and engage with as a professional support system.